No Bottle Drops in downtown, but fine in our community?

No bottle drops in downtown: Governor Tina Kotek has announced a temporary suspension of the requirement for downtown Safeway and Plaid Pantry to accept can and bottle returns under Oregon’s Bottle Bill. This exemption, effective from March 2 to April 1, is a response to concerns about the connection between the Bottle Bill and the distribution of the deadly drug fentanyl. This decision follows recent reporting highlighting the fentanyl epidemic in downtown Portland, where individuals return cans and bottles for cash and then use the money to purchase fentanyl. The exemption aims to disrupt this cycle by cutting off a significant source of cash for fentanyl users. The decision was made in collaboration with Mayor Ted Wheeler and Multnomah County Chair Jessica Vega Pederson in response to the fentanyl emergency. The exemption will be re-evaluated after one month. What are our thoughts on a bottle drop coming to St. Johns? Tell us at