Advertising in The St. Johns Review Newspaper

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The benefits of advertising with The St. Johns Review newspaper today:

  • Distributes 5,000 free papers in 12 North Portland neighborhoods.
  • Mails ~900 papers directly to subscriber homes and businesses. 
  • Prints monthly, covering local news, events calendar, exclusive interviews, North Portland Storyteller Jim Speirs, and Chris McMurry’s Artitude.    
  • Regular features include Kidscoop, neighborhood association news, police reports, obituaries, crossword, and sudoku. 
  • Reach our 5.5K followers on Facebook with a local focus on issues people care about. 
  • Posts all ads on social media with special customer messaging included.  
  • Partnered with, preserving content for the generations and listed as a historical newspaper with the Library of Congress. We are a paper of record for obituaries.
  • 120-year history, the oldest community newspaper in Portland, Oregon.
  • Competitive rates for print newspaper advertising in the Portland market.
  • Publishes online articles at
  • Features student writing from Roosevelt High School. 

Advertisers can place orders below to receive instant savings and then forward any ad copy and questions to or call 971-303-9463.

If you wish to place an obituary or an advertorial, please contact us directly by phone or email so that we may provide personal service and care. We are very sorry for your loss.