The St. Johns Review Newspaper is here to serve the community. As such, your participation in creating community content is welcome in the form of Articles and Letters to the Editor. You can make these contributions online, in email, or by mail. We are particularly interested in articles about local current news, neighborhood history and interesting places, local shopping and services, local spiritual resources, new business and housing development, local health and wellness resources, personal finance, family life and activities, and education planning.

We encourage students from local schools from K-12 to read the newspaper and learn about writing and when they are ready, submit something joyful or interesting that we can share. Our focus is topics that help all of us achieve better living and stronger community, healthier families and happier lives, all while having a little fun.

Submissions that are beyond our scope but that we feel are important to our North Portland community will be forwarded on your behalf to the Portland Tribune editorial staff for consideration. We reserve the right to reject any submission outside of our scope.

Article Contributions. The St. Johns Review welcomes article contributions from North Portland citizens and others wishing to contribute. Articles should be well written, factual, and free of opinion. Considering using Grammarly or other tools to clear and concise content. Write in terms of who, what, when, where, and why. If submitting photographs, please do so by email and provide attribution and your written permisson to reprint. Your submission will be considered, and we will contact you. If we select to publish your work, you will be given a period of final review before publication.

Letters to the Editor. Letters to the Editor are welcome and encouraged. We welcome your opinion. We ask you to refrain from my damaging or false statements. Letters to the Editor can be handwritten or typed and sent by mail or scanned and sent by email or submitted online. All letters must include you full name and contact information. Anonymous letters will not be published. Letters may be edited for length, language or grammar, and potential libel. Your content and message will not be altered. You agree that the opinions expressed in your content are your own and not those of The St. Johns Review or its staff.

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