From the Editor

The St. Johns Review would like to welcome Anisha D.B. Scanlon as our new managing editor. Anisha oversees day to day operations of our publication, including generating ideas, assigning content, managing our editorial calendar, working with advertisers and subscribers, and directing the overall presentation of the paper. She works with the many organizations, agencies, and businesses in the North Peninsula to keep you informed of things that make life better. She commissions stories and art from local writers, businesses, and community leaders to maintain high-quality standards of journalism and to ensure we remain a trusted source of information. She is proud to be a part of The St. Johns Review. Please welcome Anisha to the team.

Learn more about Anisha in our upcoming Relaunch issue!

“Just wanted to give you a quick update that we’re working hard to get our next issue out. Keep an eye out for it because I’ll be sharing more about myself soon!”

Anisha D.B. Scanlon