Long-term writer Jim Speirs: 20+ years of dedicated service to our publication


For over 20 years, Jim Speirs has been working with The St. Johns Review newspaper, bringing his creative vision and dynamic writing style to our pages. We are pleased to announce that Jim will continue to be a valued member of our team, contributing his unique talents and passion for the history and stories of North Portland to our publication.

As a fourth-generation resident of North Portland, Jim has a deep connection to the community and a lifelong dedication to documenting its rich and colorful history. He has authored numerous novels, articles, and other publications using his gift for storytelling and vivid imagination to give events “life” and create engaging content that has been widely appreciated by readers.

Jim’s articles for The St. Johns Review have been very popular, bringing both fun and history to our readers. His impulsive and spontaneous approach to writing has allowed him to produce fresh, exciting, and always well-received work. Jim’s dedication to his craft and his passion for the community make him an invaluable team member. We look forward to continuing to work with him for many years to come.

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